9+1 Reasons That Make Naxos Unique

Naxos is the biggest jewel of the Cyclades. Friendly people, quality food, clean beaches and traditional villages are just some of the reasons that will make you fall in love with this island. It is ideal for every type of visitor and can attract from nomads and groups of friends to families.

There are many reasons for someone to visit Naxos. We collected the best of them to present below.


  1. Naxos Town (Chora)
  2. Towers
  3. Historic Churches & Monasteries
  4. Beaches
  5. Villages
  6. Local products
  7. Hiking
  8. Sunset
  9. Night life
  10. Akti Apollona


Naxos Town (Chora)

In Naxos you have the opportunity to combine a carefree vacation and get to know the cultural heritage of the island. Both in town and villages you will find various monuments and museums that will pique your interest. If you don’t know what to choose first, you can start from Portara, which welcomes you upon your arrival on the island. After that, you can tour Naxos Town, walk its alleys and reach the Old Venetian Castle of Naxos.

The Temple of God Apollonas-Portara


The Historic Towers

Built of Naxos stone, the island’s Towers will take you back to the years of the Venetian rule. The former mansions of the rich families back then, were functioned as holiday homes and some of them also had a protective role as they also functioned as watchtowers. One of the most imposing towers is the one that houses the Monastery of the Illuminator of Christ. It is located near Danakos village and is the oldest monastery castle on the island. Also, the Tower of Agia stands out in the northern part of Naxos, 15′ from Apollonas village. A few meters below the Tower, walking through a beautiful path you will come across the Monastery of Agia.


Countless Churches and Chapels

Naxos counts over 500 Churches, Temples, Monasteries and Chapels while most of them are easily accessible either by car or on foot. You will meet most of them while you are on the road. The one that stands out is Panagia Drosiani. It is considered one of the oldest temples in Greece and you can find it near Moni village. A few kilometers further you will reach Halki village. There is the Holy Church of Agios Dionysios of Diasoritis. A temple with unique architecture and built on a Sanctuary of Zeus!


Endless Beaches with Crystal Clear Waters

Naxos has so many beaches that we definitely need a whole article to describe all of them. Most of the beaches are sandy and the waters are turquoise. Starting from the long central coastline of Naxos you can choose between Agios ProkopiosAgia AnnaMaragaPlaka. If you like activities and you are more like a water sports person, you can choose Mikri Vigla, Pyrgaki or Laguna beach. Otherwise, if you prefer calmer conditions, you can head to the north-eastern side of the island and swim in the waters of Apollonas beach or Lionas. Finally, if you don’t mind the long distance (which logically if you have chosen Naxos for your vacation, you are fine with that) we recommend an exotic beach on the other side of the island, Panermos.


Traditional Villages

The secret beauty of Naxos is its traditional villages which have remained unchanged over time. Through the picturesque alleys, the arches, the historic Towers, the squares with their towering plane trees and the traditional cafes you will discover another side of the island.

Our proposal for a day trip exploring the hinterland of Naxos starting from the seaside village of Apollonas, includes the route ApiranthosHalkiKaloxylosMoni. In Apiranthos you will walk through the cobbled streets and be enchanted by the Zeugolis Tower that stands tall above the village square. In Halki you will find yourself under the Gratsia Tower and you will discover the Byzantine Churches that are hidden a little further inside the village. On your way back, we have something different to propose as in Kaloxylos you will see a traditional settlement that hides many surprises in its alleys as well as a small mountain farm. Finally, on the way back, approaching Moni village you will come across the Early Christian Church of Naxos Panagia Drosiani. It is a historical monument that is worth visiting.


Unique Local Products

Naxos is an autonomous island and listing its products you will realize that the list is very long! What stands out, however, is not the variety of products it produces as their unique taste. Some of unique local products are:

  • The famous potato of Naxos
  • Graviera
  • Fresh Milk of Naxos
  • Local Meat and Fish
  • Kitro Naxos
  • Naxiotiko Wine and Brandy



One of the activities that Naxos has to offer, is hiking. Whether you are an experienced hiker, or you just like challenges and want an opportunity to connect with the landscape, then you will definitely find the route that suits best for you.

In Naxos you will find many marked paths that connect the villages of the island to each other and to the beaches. These can last from 2 to 6 hours. But there are also smaller paths that will also help you discover the island. For example, a very nice route is as you arrive by car in Myloi village, you have to continue following the path to Melanes Kouros. The route takes you through a canyon and you suddenly realize that you are in a green and idyllic landscape. Kouros and Kori of Melanes are two of the three impressive statues in Naxos. The third and most impressive Kouros is located in the Apollonas village.


Magical Sunset

The sunset itself has something magical. Especially when you are in Naxos. The most spectacular spot to enjoy the most charming sunset and indulge in the magic of the island is Portara. Portara of Naxos can steal the show anyway, especially when you watch the sun disappear into the ocean covering the temple of Apollo with its colors. If you prefer something more special, we suggest you head to Apiranthos and specifically to Apiranthos Mill. Its panoramic view combines the mountain element with the sea and offers a unique sunset. Alternatively, for fans of afternoon swimming who want to combine it with a different sunset, we recommend Abram beach.


Night Life

The island is also famous for its nightlife. The heart of absolute fun beats in Naxos Town, unless you fall into any festival, where the only thing is certain is that you will be drawn into their dance until morning. Walking through the alleys you will come across many bars with a balcony overlooking the port and Portara. Continuing a little further inside, in the alleys of the Old Town, you will discover hidden bars with wonderful courtyards or rooftops and if you manage to reach the top of the Castle, then you should definitely enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying the panoramic view.


Akti Apollona

For the end, we saved the best for you! Akti Apollona apartments is located a breath away from the sea in the magical village of Apollonas and highlights perfectly the feeling of “Greek hospitality”! It is the ideal place for all of you who wish to spend your holidays in a quiet environment, enjoying a friendly and family atmosphere, feeling like your home! All 4 apartments have their own personality, named after the beaches of Naxos! Warm, earthy colors that blend harmoniously with the environment. If you are looking for absolute peace and relaxation and want to harmonize with the landscape and nature, then you are in the right place!


Enjoy Naxos Island!


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