Akti Apollona: Accommodation at the most scenic village of Naxos island


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We travel at Naxos and we recommend the ideal accommodation for you to experience relaxing moments at Akti Apollona Apartments.


Nikos Kazantzakis had mentioned once that “if Paradise was on earth, it would be here”, impressed by the beauties of Naxos! This is exactly how anyone feels who comes to this paradise island for the first time! This magical ambiance is particularly discernible to the traveler who visits the village of Apollonas! This is an amazing, tourist resort adorned with traditional white houses of Cycladic architecture, a wide variety of beach taverns and cafes, little shops and boutique apartments that make your stay a wonderful experience. In addition, it has a pier that serves fishing boats and small yachts.

One of the most important archaeological finds of Naxos and the whole of Greece is the Kouros of Apollonas located in the village. It is a half-finished male statue, 10.45 meters high, which lies on the ground, as if it had never been detached from it. Kouros dates to the beginning of the 6th century BC. and experts disagree on who he represents. Some of them believe that he represents the God Dionysus while others believe he represents the God Apollonas.


One beach that combines everything with a sea view to Ikarian Sea.

The landscape is further enhanced by the beach of Apollonas, which is ideal for couples, families and nature lovers who can relax and enjoy its crystal-clear waters. Apollonas sandy, sheltered beach is surrounded by cafes and tavernas, and as you walk you will come across a pebbly version organized with sunbeds. On windy days, that side is an ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts.



Akti Apollona: Accomodation with a cycladic touch and modern comforts

In this wonderful location, Akti Apollona Apartments was created, in perfect harmony with the environment of Apollonas beach, built according to the Cycladic architecture. What is best is that you will find it inside the village and just one breath away from the sea. In this beautiful holiday complex you will discover the idea of “Greek hospitality” as it is the perfect place for all those looking for a quiet environment, enjoying high service and a familiar environment!


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