Apollonas Naxos! A Place of Tranquility


There is a picturesque fishing village in Naxos where time seems to stand still! The village of Apollonas is the ideal destination for those who love peace and relaxation with a view of the endless blue of the Ikarian Sea.


The Location

Apollonas village is located at the North of Naxos and it is a small picturesque settlement with its own small port, a few white houses and a church adorning the center of the village.

What dominates as the first image in Apollonas are the colorful boats and the spread nets of the fishermen at the pier. Close to the pier there are fish taverns and cafes along the beach. Whenever you decide to sit you will enjoy the view of the sea.


The Beach

Apollonas village has its own beach which stretches along the length of the village. The sandy beach is ideal for families and small children and turns into pebbles as you walk a little further from the center.

Akti Apollona Apartments is located right in front of the pebble beach offering an ideal combination of tranquility as well as activities such as hiking. You may enjoy your morning coffee at the organized beach by our favorite beach bar “On the Beach” or if you are into water sports you can enjoy the sea with a canoe and explore Apollonas coastline.

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The remarkable statue of Kouros in Apollonas

Apart from the tranquility, Apollonas village stands out for its rich history. At the entrance of the Apollonas village you will meet the most famous out of 3 Kouros of Naxos. It is the most impressive sight in the ancient quarry of Apollonas and it is known as the Kouros of the God Apollo. The statue is at least 10 meters high, dating from the 6th century BC. and is rumored that somehow is linked with the Temple of God Apollonas-Portara.


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